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Because health, safety, well-being of our employees and the ability of our company to act are of the utmost importance, we decided to reduce our workforce to 50% and set up a two-shift operation.


The work teams change around midweek, which ensures our availability during our usual business hours. Therefor your familiar contact person will not be always available. In this case, a colleague will take care of your concerns.




Until further notice, we are currently refraining from sending out technicians for maintenance or service work. However, we will continue to carry out repairs in our factory.


With regard to our ability to deliver, we can still rely on a sufficient stock. Nevertheless, the reduced number of employees in production can lead to delays in delivery. We strive to keep this as short as possible.




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Brandschutztechnik Müller GmbH is a german supplier of equipment for testing services.

Herbert Müller, built the first powder suction machine in 1980; the basis of today's broad range of products and filling devices for fire extinguishers, corresponding testing and measuring equipment as well as tools and innovative high pressure fire extinguishing units. And our know-how continues:
We provide comprehensive test techniques with our hydrant testing pumps and flow meters for riser pipes, and Brandschutztechnik Müller carbon dioxide filling units are also in hard daily use outside the fire extinguishing world. Almost all of our products can be adapted to your needs.


The development, the production, the screws, motors, electronics: As a traditional family- owned business, we know that only close and long-term collaboration will result in success. And so we have included our employees and our suppliers in our very own Made in Germany plan.

A positive inward and outward corporate climate guarantees top quality and functionality. All of our products with their partly hundreds of individual parts must satisfy the highest production standards and are produced exclusively in Germany. And that shall remain so in the future.
We promise.

Pleasantly different from all others.

Leadership. Worldwide. Innovative.


New. Innovative. Sustainable.

Testing and swivelling device forbig cylinders PSG

The testing and swivelling device for big cylinders PSG supports hydrostatic pressure tests with a maximum test
pressure of 500 bar for big compressed gas steel bottles of up to 50 litres.

  • Ergonomic support of big cylinders during pressure tests
  • Hydrotesting of differently sized steel bottles
  • Rapid automatic emptying of cylinders
  • Visual inspection of the interior
  • Attaching the inspection stamp

DMT 600 - Flow meter fordry riser pipes DMT 600

In accordance with DIN 14 462, dry riser pipes in buildings must be subjected to inspections at regular intervals. 


To document the functionality of the lines this test includes, among other things, the following points:

  • Examination for pressure resistance at 16 bar (static pressure test)
  • Test of pressure diff erence between the points of feed and withdrawal (at a defined rate of flow of 600 L/min)



With the new PFS you can fill larger quantities of fire extinguishing powder very time- and staff-saving.

Recurrent filling processes are automated with the PFS to execute work fast and effective. The ergonomic working height as well as the user-friendly display make your work easier everyday life.
The PFS can fill fire extinguishers from 1 – 12 kg from bigbags or silos. High-quality, antistatic materials, such as stainless steel are used for fabrication of the PFS.
A durable product – Made in Germany!

Our Products.

Mobile. Stationary. Leading.

Powder Suction Machines

Mobil Powder Suction Machines

PSM Mini Basic

PSM Junior N 

PSM Junior

PSM Economic 

PSM Compact

PSM Power

PSM Jumbo



Stationairy Powder Suction Machines

PSM Compact S

PSM Compact W

PSM Compact A

PEA Stationär


Mobile fire extinguisherservicing unit

Mobile Feuerlöscher-Serviceeinheit MFS


PFS Pulver-Füll-System

Water / FOAM Systems

FES Liquid Stationär

FES Liquid Mobil

Carbon dioxide filling units

CFA Basic

CFA Mobil






CFA 5-1W

CFA 5-2W

Testing and service devices

Hydrant testing equipment
Hydrant testing pump HPP Basic
Hose drying device STG Basic
Hydrant testing pumps HPP
Hydrant testing pump HPP Maxi
Hydrant testing pump HPM
Hydrant testing pumps HHP
Hydrant testing set HPS


Hose testing and services
Hose drying device STG
Hose testing device SPG
Hose testing device SPGV
Hydrotesting system HTG 500
Hydrotesting system HTG 60
Hydrotesting system HTG 500 / 60
Water jacket testing system Professional 2
Cylinder drying device BTG
Tumbling device


Flow meter for dry riser pipes

Flow meter DMT 600

Accessories and Tools

Fire ext. emptying System



Clamping device
Clamping device SVM
Clamping device DSV MOBIL
Clamping device DSV STATIONARY
Clamping device SVP
Clamping device SVPS
Clamping device SVPA
Clamping device SVPD
Clamping device SVMA
Clamping device for big cylinders

Nitrogen filling unit SFA
Measuring devices to ISO 9000



Flowmaster Analog

Flowmaster Digital

Flowmaster Assistent





Brandschutztechnik Müller.About us.

Focus. Strengthen. Teamwork.


Garages are more than just storerooms for vehicles. They are a haven for ideas, offering room for creative thoughts to unfold. What is true for famous IT companies is also firmly anchored in the history of Brandschutztechnik Müller, because our company founder, Herbert Müller, built the first powder suction machine in such a garage;
the basis of today's broad range of products and filling devices for fire extinguishers, corresponding testing and measuring equipment as well as tools and innovative high pressure fire extinguishing units.


BRANDSCHUTZTECHNIK MÜLLER GmbH was founded by Herbert Müller in 1980. The company now consistsof th ree bu si ness segments and has a total of 65 employees. As a classical mechanical engineering company,BRANDSCHUTZTECHNIK MÜLLER manufactures equipment for inspection services. The firefighting equipmentsupplier is not only based at its main site in Zierenberg, North Hesse, but also in Günthersleben, Thuringia.
Furthermore, the car agency for MAGIRUS GmbH has been a part of BRANDSCHUTZTECHNIK MÜLLER since 1980.


Behind it stands a professional team - that is always there for you!

Nordhessen Champions 2019

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