PowDer Suction Maschines.

Mobile. Stationary. Effectively.


We make your work faster and more effective.

Which is the right powder suction machine for you?

Mobile Powder Suction Machines.

Mobile. Ergonomic. Saves time.


Our powder suction machines have been designed for the servicing of powder fire extinguishers (emptying and refilling).
But transferring, purely filling or purely emptying the fire extinguishing powder for disposal is also possible with these machines.
The modular structure ensures a largely consistentoperating method for all machine types.


Mobile Poxder Suction Machines (PSM):


PSM Mini Basic - Small. Powerful. Extremely flexible.

PSM Junior N - Mobile. More mobile. JUNIOR N The powder suction machine.

PSM Junior - Empty quickly. Fill safely. Universal talent for mobile use.

PSM Economic - Powder suction machine with power for one-man operation.

PSM Compact - Flexible powder suction machine. Robust and with high performance.

PSM Power - Outstandingly powerful. The variable powder suction machine.

PSM Jumbo - Our most effective PSM. For extra ordinary requirements.

Mobile Large Systems.

Performance is what counts for the professionals in workshops or the professional and factory fi re brigades. is for them that we developed the PSM POWER. between two excellent industrial motors with 230 V, 0.95 kW and even 400 V, 1.8 kW. And if you have extra special individual requirements we will also install petrol engines or others.

Mobile Large Systems

Stationary Powder Suction Machines.

Stationar.y Effectiv. Save Time.

Stationary Powder Suction Machines (PSM)

The PSM COMPACT is characterised by its selection of motors: From the 230V model to an enormous 400V triple phase assembly and on to individually requested fitted motors, such as for deployment areas having no power, or where electrically powered motors may not be used for safety reasons.


PSM Compact A - Fire extinguishing powder fillingsystem for series operation.

PSM Compact W - The professional machine. For inspection service workshops.

PSM Compact S - Reliably process large numbersof fire extinguishers.

Powder-Filling-System. PFS.

Automatically. Production-ready. Fast.


With the new PFS you can fill larger quantities of fire extinguishing powder very time- and staff-saving.

Recurrent filling processes are automated with the PFS to execute work fast and effective. The ergonomic working height as well as the user-friendly display make your work easier everyday life.
The PFS can fill fire extinguishers from 2 – 12 kg from bigbags or silos. High-quality, antistatic materials, such as stainless steel are used for fabrication of the PFS.
A durable product – made in Germany!

Mobile Service Unit.

Variable. Interchangeable. Effectively.

The Mobile Fire Extinguishing Servicing unit MFS combines all of the machines and devices required for the inspection and maintenance of portable powder fire extinguishers in one compact rear module for commercially available vans. Basic module with Euro pallet dimensions, for
loading and unloading by forklift Drawers with divider set, range of hooks
and plastic boxes, for tools and spare parts Turnable clamping device DSV (extendible)



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